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1 Shared Services Canada 17/11/2017 11/12/2017 Canada Wide Production Insertion Equipment (R18040)
Shared Services Canada
Office Equipment
2 Alberta Public Sector 17/11/2017 08/12/2017 Alberta Air Data Management Program
Alberta Public Sector
Research and Development (R&D)
3 Alberta Public Sector 17/11/2017 07/12/2017 Alberta Enterprise Asset Management & CMMS Software Solution
Alberta Public Sector
EDP Hardware and Software
4 Alberta Public Sector 17/11/2017 23/11/2017 Alberta Consulting services for transition and management of Reserves Data to the Energy Navigator platform
Alberta Public Sector
Research and Development (R&D)
5 Government of New Brunswick 17/11/2017 12/12/2017 Supply of and Service to Residence Appliances - NB
Government of New Brunswick
6 City Of Saskatoon 16/11/2017 29/11/2017 Saskatchewan LENOVO SERVER
City Of Saskatoon
EDP Hardware and Software
7 Insurance Corporation of BC 16/11/2017 05/12/2017 British Columbia Hadoop Solution and Services
Insurance Corporation of BC
EDP Hardware and Software
8 BC Clinical and Support Services Society 16/11/2017 27/11/2017 British Columbia ITQ BCCSS 02441 Core Infrastructure Refresh IHA
BC Clinical and Support Services Society
EDP Hardware and Software
9 Columbia Basin Trust 16/11/2017 07/12/2017 British Columbia MS Dynamics Software Maintenance and Support
Columbia Basin Trust
EDP Hardware and Software
10 Ontario Shared Services 16/11/2017 08/01/2018 Ontario Project: tender_7374 - Request for Information- Electronic Procurement Solutions
Ontario Shared Services
EDP Hardware and Software
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