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RFP Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Assessments for the Deloro Mine Site 2010-11



  Reference Number 210416
  Solicitation Number OSS_00125319
  Organization Name Ministry of Government Services, Ontario Shared Services
Supply Chain Management
Procurement Advisory Branch
  Source ID PV.MN.ON.17878.C44988
  Associated Components Yes


  Published 2010-12-23
  Closing 2011-02-08 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time EST


  Category Special Studies and Analysis - (Not R&D)
  Region of Delivery Ontario
  Region of Opportunity
  Agreement Type Open Bidding (OB)
  Tender Type Request for Proposal (RFP)
  Estimated Value
  Solicitation Method Open

Notice Description

  RFP Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Assessments for the Deloro Mine Site 2010-11

This Tender / Request for Proposal (RFP) is available only through MERX, the electronic tendering system used by the Province of Ontario. For further information about MERX, call 1-800-964-6379 or visit the MERX website at

A Proponent who has not obtained this Tender / RFP through MERX will have its proposal disqualified unless a third party has requested this Tender / RFP from MERX on that Proponent's behalf and that Proponent has identified the third party on the Label of its proposal. If a Proponent who has obtained this Tender / RFP from a third party fails to identify that third party in this manner, that Proponent's Tender / Proposal will be disqualified.

Proponents who intend to respond to this procurement opportunity are requested not to cancel the receipt of addenda or amendments, since they must obtain through MERX all of the information documents that are issued through MERX.

In the event that a Proponent chooses to cancel the receipt of addenda or amendments their subsequent bid / proposal submission may be rejected.


The following is the schedule for this RFP:

•Issue Date of RFP: December 23, 2010
•Mandatory Site Visit: 11:00 a.m. January 18, 2011 (as per Section 1.9)
•Proponent's Deadline for Questions: 3:00 p.m. January 25, 2011
•Deadline for Issuing Addenda: 3:00 p.m. February 1, 2011
•Proposal Submission Deadline: 11:00:00 a.m. (Toronto time) on February 8, 2011
•Period for Which Proposals are Irrevocable after Proposal Submission Deadline: 120 days

The RFP timetable is tentative only and may be changed by the Ministry in its sole discretion at any time prior to the Proposal Submission Deadline.

Invitation to Proponents
This Request for Proposals ("RFP") is an invitation to prospective proponents to submit proposals for the provision of archaeological, and cultural heritage assessment consulting services, as further described in Part 2 - The Deliverables (the “Deliverables"). This RFP is issued by Her Majesty the Queen in right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of the Environment (the “Ministry").
Type of Contract For Deliverables
The selected proponent will be required to enter into an agreement with the Ministry for the provision of the Deliverables in the form attached as Appendix A to this RFP. It is the Ministry’s intention to enter into the Form of Agreement attached as Appendix A to this RFP with only one (1) legal entity. The term of the agreement is to be for a period of twelve (12) months with an option in favour of the Ministry to extend the agreement on the same terms and conditions for an additional term of up to twelve (12) months.

It is anticipated that the agreement will be executed on March 1, 2011.

A proponent who submits conditions, options, variations or contingent statements to the terms set out in the Form of Agreement, either as part of its proposal or after receiving notice of selection, may be disqualified.

Introduction: Deloro Mine Site – historical significance
The Deloro mine (at 20 Private Road, Deloro, Municipality of Marmora and Lake) was the site of nearly 100 years of mining, refining, and manufacturing. It has a rich past and an important place in the history of industry in Canada.

Mining at the site began around 1867, and was part of the Madoc Gold Rush, the first discovery of gold in Ontario. Operations at the site evolved over the next century to include not only mining and refining of gold, but also smelting and refining of a number of other elements including arsenic, silver, and cobalt.

The Deloro Mining and Reduction Company was the first plant in the world to produce cobalt commercially. The company was also a leading producer of stellite, a cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy. Concentrates from uranium extraction were imported to the site and further processed to extract cobalt and arsenic.

The early mining and refining companies that owned and operated the Deloro Mine Site were pioneer producers of arsenic-based pesticides, which were produced from the by-products of smelting operations and continued as a main activity at the site until the market collapsed in the late 1950s.

The Deloro Mine Site has a rich and important history. From its place in the Madoc Gold Rush, to its innovations in creating and producing metals and alloys, Deloro played a key role in the history of mining and industry in Canada. There are many stories to be told about the Deloro Mine Site, its geology, its industry, its innovation and its people. There are also important lessons to be learned about the consequences of reckless exploitation of the environment - a legacy of our uninformed past - and the extensive cleanup that will follow.

The Ministry has conducted a number of archaeological assessments and some preliminary cultural heritage assessments that point to the site’s high potential for heritage significance as a cultural landscape of industry.

(i) The Deloro mine site is highly contaminated

When the refining and manufacturing operations on the site were shut down, nearly a century’s worth of hazardous by-products and waste residues remained. Arsenic is the main contaminant of concern at the site. Metals like cobalt, copper, nickel; and low-level radioactive wastes remain on the 202 hectare property. All of these materials have caused significant environmental impact at the site, including contamination of the site’s soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater.

(ii) Requirements for assessment and conservation of provincially-owned heritage assets

The Ministry is required to assess, evaluate, record, and make responsible decisions about the management of the heritage assets on the Deloro Mine Site in keeping with the following legislation:

• The Ontario Heritage Act; Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties which came into effect on July 1, 2010;
• The Planning Act (s.3, Provincial Policy Statement);
• The spirit of the Environmental Assessment Act (s.1, which includes cultural heritage resources in its definition of “environment”).

The Ministry has already met its additional obligations for heritage assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Any and all recommendations and decision making for the short and long-term assessment and management of the site’s heritage assets will be made in reasonable balance with the requirements of the environmental remediation that will happen on the site.

The Ministry will identify and evaluate the Deloro Mine Site in keeping with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties which came into effect on July 1, 2010. The evaluation will be based on research and documentary evidence and will be conducted by a qualified heritage consultant.

(iii) Purpose of the RFP

The purpose of this RFP is to complete outstanding archaeological and cultural heritage assessment of the Deloro Mine Site, including:
• Completing remaining archaeological assessments;
• Completing a built heritage assessment;
• Evaluating the heritage significance of the site;
• Updating the existing Statement of Cultural Heritage Value;
• Completing a cultural heritage landscape of industry assessment which combines the archaeological resources, and built features and physical landscape at the site;
• Assessing and providing recommendations for retrieval, decontamination, and long-term storage and preservation of representative artifacts.

The objective for researching, assessing and evaluating this property is to understand its history and cultural heritage value in sufficient depth to determine the wisest way to protect its heritage significance thereby informing the government’s long-term plans for the heritage aspects of the site.
Background post 1979
In 1979 the Ministry assumed control of the Deloro mine site property after the owner declared a lack of sufficient funds to remediate. Since taking over the site, the Ministry has spent more than $31 million on the project to address contamination issues and to rehabilitate the Deloro property. Remedial actions to evaluate and attend to the contamination have included:

• Construction of an Arsenic Treatment Plant to treat contaminated groundwater (1983);
• Establishment of extensive groundwater and surface water monitoring network;
• Adopting of a site specific cleanup strategy of managing wastes onsite (1991);
• Locating mine workings and sealing major abandoned mine shafts (1992-1995);
• Covering eight hectares of refining tailings with limestone (1986-87);
• Conducting two major off-site studies (Deloro Village Environmental Health Risk Study-1999 and Moira River Study-2001);
• Developing the Final Cleanup Plan (2006); and
• Developing the federal Environmental Assessment Study Report (2009).

Final cleanup construction is scheduled to begin in the tailings area of the Deloro Mine Site in 2011. Details which are relevant to the assignment of this RFP are set out below.

Summary of the Final Cleanup Plan
The Deloro property has been delineated into four areas: the industrial area, mining area, tailings area, and the Young’s Creek area. Details for the remediation activities planned for the industrial area, mining area, and Young’s Creek are set out below to provide context for the archaeological work to be undertaken, prior to construction.

Industrial area cleanup: All above-ground structures are expected to be demolished to ground level as part of the Deloro mine site cleanup, with the exception of the operating arsenic treatment plant and parking garage. The powerhouse building, concrete trestle piers of the former primary treatment building, portions of the castings building walls, and a variety of other historical remains may be preserved as part of a heritage plan for the site. The Ministry will make decisions about built heritage following the outcome and recommendations of this assignment and the outcome and recommendations of a future structural engineering assessment. Most of the remaining structures have been demolished to some extent or are in various states of ruin. The remaining buildings are currently unused and pose potential challenges of varying degrees associated with occupancy and safety.
The wastes from both the industrial area and the mining area are expected to be transported and consolidated under an engineered cover, which is planned to be located in the heart of the industrial area.

Mining area cleanup: Selected areas in the main mine area containing highly leachable waste / soil and areas identified in the draft risk assessment study as posing unacceptable risks, are expected to be excavated (approximately 21,600 m3). To mitigate the potential of leachate from these materials migrating and having offsite impacts, and to eliminate human health and ecological risks, the materials are planned to be excavated and consolidated with other highly leachable wastes and stored onsite in the industrial area. The excavations are expected to be backfilled to grade with appropriate readily available “clean” fill material and compacted to the necessary densities to mitigate differential settlement potential.

In addition, selected soils in the remote mine area are expected to be excavated and consolidated in the industrial area (approximately 7,800 m3). These soils generally are not highly leachable but pose unacceptable human health or ecological risks.

Young’s Creek area cleanup: The Creek has been delineated into two sections: the onsite area (within the Deloro property fence line) and the offsite area (south of Highway #7 across from the Deloro property). Contaminated sediment and targeted zones of underlying silty-clay soil are expected to be excavated, transported and stored into a secured onsite containment cell, located immediately south of the tailings area.

Additional project background information can be found at the Ministry’s dedicated Deloro mine site cleanup project webpage at:
Background: Archaeological and Heritage Assessments and Initiatives
The Ministry has, over time, conducted the following archaeological assessments and heritage-related actions and maintains this information in the project file:

• Report titled: An Historical Analysis of the Deloro Site, 1988 (please refer to attachment A to this RFP);
• Review of all available and pertinent archival and historical information on mine workings (1866-1904); Deloro Mine Workings Closure Plan (January 1994) and Summary Report on Mine Closure Activities (October 1995);
• Location of approximately 110 mining-related underground openings and workings with marking in-field and documenting on drawings;
• Participation in the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario’s Preservation Works! Program, which included a site visit and heritage appraisal, 2004 (please refer to attachment B to this RFP);
• Completion of Stage 1Archaeological Assessment Report for the Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project Environmental Assessment (July 2006) (please refer to attachment C to this RFP) to meet the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act with assessment of archaeological, cultural and built heritage resources and documentation in the Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Environmental Assessment Study Report (May 2007);
• Completion of Stage 2 and Stage 3 archaeological assessments of the site to meet the requirements of the Ontario Heritage Act;
-Stage 2 archaeological assessment, Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project Environmental Assessment, February 2007 (revised June 2007); (please refer to attachment D to this RFP)
-Stage 2 archaeological assessment of an island in southern pond, Young’s Creek, Deloro Mine Site Cleanup, Environmental Assessment, May 2008;
-Stage 3 archaeological assessment, Deloro Mine Site, Lots 8, 9 and 10, Concession VII Geographic Township of Marmora, County of Hastings, Ontario, August 2010 (please refer to attachment E to this RFP);
• Two donations of historical maps, company records and other materials originating from the mine site to the Trent University Archives.
• Production of an historical video documentary to outline the important history of the site (finalization and public availability pending all copyright permissions);
• Creation of a series of maps showing the evolution of the site over time, and combining all existing historical maps into one resource.
Background: Project Archive
In addition to the reports above, the Ministry’s Deloro project files possess the following information (which can be made available to the successful proponent at the project kick-off meeting, Section

•Site maps, area plans, aerial photographs (including base maps in Autocad);
•Site photographs (pre-1979 and post-1979);
•Mine workings and location drawing 1993 (series 4067);
•Research and mining-related surveys and reports from mining journals;
•Title search of the Deloro property.
Historical drawings are also located at the Trent University Archives and the Marmora Historical Foundation. Trent University Archive listings and finding aids for Deloro are found on the university’s website. The Marmora Historical Foundation is in possession of one file box of paper records.

Description of the Deliverables
The Stage 3 Archaeological Assessment, Deloro Mine Site Lots 8, 9 and 10, Concession VIII, Geographic Township of Marmora, County of Hastings, Ontario, August 2010 is the main reference for this assignment.

The Ministry seeks the assistance of a qualified heritage consultant with a team of specialists with proven experience in the field of industrial archaeology and industrial heritage, to manage, conduct and complete the remaining archaeological assessments, and cultural heritage assessment of the Deloro mine site to evaluate the built and landscape resources of the site, and to evaluate the site’s cultural historical significance in order to update and complete a Statement of Cultural Heritage Value.

The team of specialists are required to be able to provide all required services, and will include the following consulting disciplines: industrial archaeologists; historian(s) with experience in the interpretation of architectural heritage, heritage resource inventories, built heritage assessments and Ontario history; and a conservator.

The archaeological assessment and built heritage assessment will form the basis of a Strategic Conservation Plan in the future as per Ontario Heritage Act Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties.

The following is an overview of the key Deliverables for this assignment:

•Archaeological assessments:
-Conduct Stage 2, 3 and Stage 4 archaeological assessments of specific locations described below (and as recommended in the Stage 3 archaeological assessment).

•Cultural heritage assessment:
-Built heritage assessment:
-Conduct additional research on key structures (castings building, powerhouse, explosives magazine, boarding house foundations, railway trestles, foundations of early stamp mill, and incinerator base) to fill in information gaps on their significance.
- Cultural heritage landscape of industry assessment.

•Assess and provide recommendations for retrieval, decontamination, and long-term storage and preservation of representative artifacts.

• Evaluate heritage significance: Review and consolidate existing research on the Deloro mine site, and conduct any necessary additional historical research to determine the property’s association with significant themes, if any, at the international, national, provincial and local levels. Work will be conducted in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (Ontario Regulation 9/06 and Ontario Regulation 10/06) and consistent with the Ontario Realty Corporation’s Heritage Management Process Handbook (September 2007).

• Update Statement of Cultural Heritage Value.

• Report assignment findings in two reports; one on archaeological assessment, and the other on the cultural heritage assessment (which will include the built heritage assessment and the cultural landscape of industry assessment, as well as recommendations for artifact retrieval).

•Provide preliminary cost estimates for completing any and all additional work recommended in the report on the archaeological assessment, and the report on cultural heritage assessment.



Client Agency

  Name Fred Pedosiuk
  Company Name Ministry of Government Services
  Address CPPPB - Advisory Services
300 Water Street, 3rd Fl North
  City Peterborough
  State / Province ON
  Postal Code K9J 8M5
  Phone (000)000-0000x000
  Fax (705)755-5111
  Website URL

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