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RFP: The Supply of Food and Beverage Services at Fort William Historical Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario



  Reference Number 192509
  Solicitation Number OSS-078834
  Organization Name Ministry of Government Services, Ontario Shared Services
Supply Chain Management
Procurement Advisory Branch
  Source ID PV.MN.ON.17878.C55849
  Associated Components Yes


  Published 2010-03-09
  Closing 2010-03-29 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time EDT


  Category Transportation, Travel and Relocation Services
  Region of Delivery Ontario
  Region of Opportunity
  Agreement Type Open Bidding (OB)
  Tender Type Request for Proposal (RFP)
  Estimated Value
  Solicitation Method Open

Notice Description

  RFP: The Supply of Food and Beverage Services at Fort William Historical Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario


2.1    Background Information

2.1.1    FWHP history and description
Fort William Historical Park (FWHP) is operated by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism. Through its living history program, FWHP depicts the fur trade activities of the North West Company at Fort William, its inland headquarters from 1803-1821. FWHP operates under the authority of the Province of Ontario’s Historical Parks Act. In 1970, Premier John Robarts announced the Province would re-construct Fort William at Pointe De Meuron. Re-construction of the historic site began in 1971, co-ordinated by National Heritage Limited.

FWHP makes a strong impression upon its visitors, as evidenced in customer surveys with a satisfaction rating of 97.2%. A common refrain found on visitor feedback indicates that Fort William Historical Park is one of the best historic attractions people have experienced. The historic site itself makes an indelible impression, situated by the Kaministiquia River away from modern intrusions. The number, variety and construction-style of buildings combine to create an authentic, sedate world unto itself. This facilitates the creation of ‘real characters’ through first and third-person interpretations that enhance the visitor experience, adding to the sense of realism. FWHP’s interpretive program encourages participation on different levels, from seemingly minor activities as children unloading a canoe or tapping with a tinsmith’s mallet to dancing and paddling a canoe to staying as a family for an overnight program.

2.1.2    Location and site information
FWHP is located within the city limits of Thunder Bay being composed of part of Lot 19 in Concession I. The holdings consist of 225 acres along the north and south banks of the Kaministiquia River. The activities of FWHP and its structures and facilities are encompassed within 125 acres on the south bank of the river (known as Pointe De Meuron). Property holdings on the south bank of the river serve as a wooded buffer zone between FWHP and surrounding residential areas and are not normally used for programming activities. The Park complex encompasses 42 reconstructed historic wooden structures and a period native encampment situated on approximately 25 acres. The historic structures are primarily period post and fill construction and average 2800 sq. feet each. FWHP’s visitor centre (12,000 sq. ft,) includes a gift shop, banquet hall, a pre-site exhibit and a small office area for admissions and reservations staff. An administration building (20,000-sq. ft.) which contains the bulk of the office space for FWHP staff, a mill shop, and a mechanic’s shop, is located on the periphery of the historic site.

A relatively new component is FWHP’s world-class, multi-purpose amphitheatre with a capacity for 50,000 concert seating and features paved, wheelchair accessible paths, lighting fixtures and flagpoles, a heli-pad, space for 30 concession stations with requisite power, phone and water access and additional power support for main stage entertainment.

2.2    Description of Deliverables
The following section details the food and beverage services and operational requirements that shall be fulfilled by the Concessionaire.

2.2.1    Food and Beverage Services
The Concessionaire shall provide the following food and beverage services:

•    operate a high quality service for the benefit of all visitors to FWHP who wish to purchase food and beverages from the Licensed Premises and Permitted Locations, including
•    provide a variety of service which may include table service, cafeteria, coffee shop, vending machines, banquets with over 400 covers, meeting rooms and outdoor services and events;
•    provide Food and Beverage Service for Functions, including but not limited to weddings and banquets, held at the Licensed Premises and at the Permitted Locations;
•    provide all catering equipment to service remote events and Functions including: refrigerated cargo vans, hot food transportation equipment, food service equipment and other facilities in compliance with regulatory requirements;
•    provide food and beverage menus that are compatible with the attraction theme and objectives of the Ministry and FWHP: contain only products that comply with all government standards, be printed in English and French, be competitively priced, provide excellent nutrition, offer alternative health options, be balanced between historic and modern themes and through originality, design and presentation be an added attraction to FWHP. In order to achieve the theme of the attraction, as outlined in the introduction, menus will be subject to FWHP approval;
•    be responsible for supplying and paying of all labour, materials, food and beverage products, transportation vehicles, dinnerware, kitchenware, smallware, supplies, equipment and services required, except as otherwise provided herein, for the operation and management of the Licensed Premises and Permitted Locations. In order to achieve the theme of the attraction, as outlined in the introduction, all displayed pattern of china, cutlery, napkins, linens, glassware and other items must be approved by FWHP;
•    maintain, at all times, an adequate stock of food, beverages and supplies to meet the demands of visitors;
•    pay for all design and printing of menus, all mailing and shipping and handling costs associated with the reservations and customer service.

2.2.2    Management of Operations and Customer Service
The Concessionaire shall be responsible for the following operational and customer services:

•    arrange for, and acquire at the Concessionaire's expense, all licenses and permits required for:
•    the operation of the Licensed Premises and Permitted Locations and associated food and beverage services including alcoholic beverage services;
•    hosting of Functions at the Licensed Premises and Permitted Locations and associated food and beverage services including alcoholic beverage services;
•    pay all business taxes, duties and assessments, exclusive of property taxes;
•    monitor and respond in a timely manner to all customer inquiries including those made via regular mail, fax, telephone, voice mail, the internet;
•    answer all inquiries for individuals and groups for all pre-booked and reserved Functions, provide sales calls and site presentations;
•    maintain a sales department with staff that communicate all reservation requests to FWHP including customer information, event details, change orders, cancellation on a real time basis;
•    on a per event and/or a per venue basis secure a FWHP reservation and confirmation approval through the established FWHP reservation system;
•    comply with Ministry policy regarding customer service, including: respond to all complaints or concerns received from clients and act on them immediately. Complaints requiring a written response must be submitted to the complainant within seventy-two (72) hours after the incident. A record of all complaints and the recommended response from the Concessionaire must be submitted to the Ministry in writing within twenty-four (24) hours of the complaint being received. The Concessionaire will resolve any complaints within their area of responsibility. If outside the Concessionaire’s area of responsibility, the Ministry must be contacted immediately to address the concern;
•    have fully competent and qualified staff to carry out the necessary Functions on site for all function decorations, supplier setups and cleanups such as disc jockeys and florists, product deliveries, customer site visits, rehearsals, early arrivals and late departure of guests;
•    pay the official current rate of exchange on U.S. dollars as posted by Canadian chartered banks, and to display that rate prominently and in a professional manner;
•    collect and pay all applicable provincial, municipal and federal taxes;
•    comply with all FWHP policies relating to hours of operation, hours of site access, vehicular access and delivery, and security;
•    ensure all packaging shall be of an environmentally friendly nature and meet current Ontario Government guidelines, policies and legislation. The Ministry does not allow the use of products on Ministry property made in a manner that uses or contains ozone depleting substances, i.e. spray cans or styrofoam containers;
•    comply with all laws, regulations, rules, orders, requirements and directives of any regulatory jurisdiction or authority at the Concessionaire's expense;
•    be responsible for all long distance telephone charges associated with the operation of all sales venues and services.

2.2.3    Personnel Management
The Concessionaire shall be responsible for the following personnel management services:

•    if invited, ensure that its employees participate in all mandatory training sessions such as: FWHP’s fire, flood and security, hospitality and customer service, first aid, public safety, occupational health and safety, familiarization tours of FWHP and the region, and any other training session the Ministry may from time to time determine necessary;
•    ensure that all of its employees are properly trained to conduct their duties and fulfill all legal obligations which might apply to the execution of these duties within the workplace, including but not limited to first aid, WHMIS, requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
•    maintain the highest standards of safety, cleanliness and hospitality with respect to its operations relating to clients, employees and other FWHP Concessionaires;
•    subject to FWHP approval, supply modern uniforms or other attire to be worn by the staff. Uniforms include all visual attires: shoes, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses, hats, jewellery, glasses and tattoos. Concessionaire staff whose costumes do not meet FWHP approval may be asked to leave the premises. Some costumes may be purchased from FWHP for approximately $100.00 or the Concessionaire can request the costume pattern from FWHP and have them fabricated off-site. All uniforms and costumes must be kept in good repair and appearance at all times;
•    participate and cooperate with the Ministry or agent(s) to conduct service and facilities performance reviews as determined necessary by the Ministry;
•    identify a designated manager and daily “on site” supervisor, provide a liaison with a designated FWHP staff person for regular communications,7 days per week;
•    attend weekly quality control, special event and production meetings as required by FWHP;
•    ensure professional execution of all Functions from start to finish, including: ensuring that each function is well set up, all equipment including audio/visual equipment is in good working order, that the customer is satisfied with the products, services, and that the function or event is properly “torn down” and cleaned up immediately afterwards.

2.2.4    Marketing and Promotions
The Concessionaire shall provide the following marketing and promotional services:

•    actively work in conjunction with the Ministry to develop, distribute and sell new products and services associated with food and beverage services at FWHP;

•    actively work with the Ministry to seek out new markets, developing business opportunities for food and beverage services;

•    provide the Ministry by December 31 of each year, with its an annual marketing plan relating the delivery of food and beverage services, provide a mechanism for the Ministry’s input in to the marketing plan;
•    supply FWHP with a marketing plan for food and beverage service prior to each operating season on a per event and/or reservation basis;
•    prepare and distribute promotional material, as approved by the Ministry in support of food and beverage services at the Concessionaires expense;
•    be responsible for all marketing related expenses, unless approved under a cost sharing initiative with FWHP or designated partner. All promotional materials produced by the Concessionaire must be approved by the Ministry prior to distribution. FWHP reserves the right to amend the content and format of any promotional material relating to operations at FWHP prepared by the Concessionaire;
•    supply and utilize only FWHP labelled water bottles, pens, note pads and other meeting room supplies;
•    display all directional and or informational signage provided by the Ministry;
•    display professional menus in a manner approved by FWHP;
•    work co-operatively with the Ministry in expanding mutually beneficial markets;
•    assist and cooperate with FWHP staff in the surveying of clients as required. The Concessionaire will be notified in advance of the distribution of such surveys. Some assistance will be required from the Concessionaire for the development and distribution of such surveys to the clients. The Ministry will share the data collected from the surveys with the Concessionaire in good faith and as may be permitted by law.

2.2.5    Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security
The Concessionaire will provide the following housekeeping, maintenance and security services:

•    clean and service as required all equipment listed in Schedule 3 of Appendix A . All Ministry assets identified in Schedule 3 of Appendix A, or otherwise under the control of the Concessionaire shall be inventoried bi-annually in a manner acceptable to the Ministry. Any major deficiencies, theft, or breakage must be brought to the attention of the Ministry immediately;
•    keep the areas occupied and used, clean and attractive at all times;
•    collect and remove all waste materials, including garbage, recycling, grease in traps and exhaust hoods, and maintain work areas clear of clutter;
•    provide basic cleaning services daily prior to the opening of the premises, including general, minor maintenance of the premises;
•    provide all necessary cleaning supplies, follow routine and deep clean schedules, and when necessary contract specialty cleaning services for regular and periodic cleaning;
•    supply, clean, maintain, inspect and repair all Ministry- and Concessionaire-provided fire suppression systems, exhaust hoods and other fire safety equipment;
•    supply necessary garbage and recycling containers and be responsible for the removal and disposal of all garbage and recyclables daily from the site to approved locations;
•    provide FWHP’s maintenance department with reasonable notice when accessing the premises outside of regular operational hours;
•    supply licensed and competent security services, and conduct all facility, compound lock up operations for all after-hour events. For example, a Function that typically involves a bar service would require ample security services to protect persons and property;
•    follow lock up and alarm setting procedures for buildings, parking areas and main gate;
•    replace any inventory owned and supplied by the Ministry, and return to the Ministry all furniture and equipment in the same condition as it was received. Items are subject to normal wear and tear.

2.2.6    License Fee Remittance and Financial Reporting Requirements
The Concessionaire shall:

•    submit to the Ministry representative within fifteen (15) days following the end of each month all license fee payments including a detailed report of sales and attendance in a form and substance satisfactory to the Ministry. The base of daily sales calculations shall be from equipment and or procedures that are satisfactory to the Ministry (Sample attached as Schedule 4 in Appendix A) and shall include daily cash register z–readings or equivalent to substantiate gross sales;
•    maintain financial accounting records, procedures and controls appropriate to provide financial information to the Ministry;
•    submit to the Ministry representative by November 30 of each year of the Agreement, a consolidated pro forma budget plan for the year including an Income Statement and year-end balance sheet;
•    submit to the Ministry representative by November 30 of each year of the Agreement, a copy of the services, pricing and fee structures for the review and approval of the Ministry;
•    submit to the Ministry representative no later than May 31 of each year of the Agreement, annual financial statements which show the actual financial performance as compared to the budgeted financial performance including a statement of revenue from each category of fees;
•    submit to the Ministry representative annual financial statements prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and audited by a chartered accountant.

All documentation for this RFP must be obtained through MERX.



Client Agency

  Name Kathleen Powell
  Company Name Ministry of Government Services
  Address 700 University Avenue
6th Floor
  City Toronto
  State / Province ON
  Postal Code M5G 1X6
  Phone (000)000-0000
  Fax (416)314-3960
  Email Kathleen
  Website URL

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