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Numerical modeling of soil behaviour under blast loading



  Reference Number PW-$QCL-002-15174
  Solicitation Number W7701-135578/A
  Organization Name Public Services and Procurement Canada
Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada
  Source ID FD.DP.QC.10077.C2
  Associated Components Yes


  Published 2013-01-25
  Closing 2013-02-11 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time EST


  Category Research and Development (R&D)
  Region of Delivery Quebec
  Region of Opportunity
  Agreement Type NONE
  Tender Type Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP)
  Estimated Value
  Solicitation Method

Notice Description

  Numerical modeling of soil behaviour under blast loading

Trade Agreement: NONE
Tendering Procedures: The bidder must supply Canadian goods
and/or services
Attachment: None
Competitive Procurement Strategy: Best Overall Proposal
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements:
Numerical modeling of soil behaviour under blast loading

Objectives:The work objectives for this contract are the
The main objective of this contract is to improve numerical
modeling of the soil response under blast loading by
implementing constitutive material models in LS-DYNA for
different types of soil, by determining its parameters using
laboratory tests and in situ tests and then, by validating the
results with field experimental data. The level of degree of
water saturation and the rate of deformation will have to be
included in the soil constitutive models to be developed. Other
parameters such as level of compaction and particle size and
distribution may have to be included in order to improve soil
behaviour prediction under blast conditions.

DRDC Valcartier often uses empirical model such as Westine model
to predict the deformation of simple geometries [Toussaint and
Bouamoul, 2010]. Measurements (displacements, velocities)
between experimental and numerical results on target are usually
compared and validated. However, when complex interactions
between the soil and structure must be modeled, or when the test
conditions are out of the empirical model tested conditions, a
better understanding of soil behaviour is required.

Constitutive soil models developed for static or quasi-static
loading are different than the ones developed to simulate soil
behaviour under high strain rate loading [Wang and Lu (2003), An
J. (2010)]. Predicting the soil behaviour under blast loading is
challenging because of the variety of parameters influencing its
behaviour. The soil loading conditions evolves from a pressure
wave propagation (near field) to a stress wave propagation (far
field) and is influenced by parameters such as the type of soil,
degree of water saturation, size of particles, particles
distribution, strain rate effect, mine depth of burial, etc. are
all parameters that may have to be considered. The variability
in experimental blast tests have shown the importance of
identifying these critical factors in order to get more
reproducibility in field trials and in order to develop good
constitutive soil models that will be used to predict mine blast
effects on structures. For example, Wang et Lu (2003), Wang et
al. (2004), Grujicic et al. (2008), Grujicic et al. (2009),
Pandurangan (2009), An (2010) and An et al. (2011) have
implemented factors such as the degree of water saturation and
the rate of deformation in their soil material models.

In order to achieve the project objectives, this contract will
carryout 6 tasks.
Task 1: Literature review
Task 2: Development of a soil constitutive model
Task 3: Implementation of the constitutive soil material models
Task 4: Laboratory tests and in situ tests
Task 5: Constitutive soil model validation with FE simulation
Task 6: Reports and deliverables

Period of Contract
The period of the resulting contract is from date of contract to
March 31, 2015.
Client department :
The services will be rendered to Defence Research and
Development Canada (DRDC-Valcartier).

Estimated funding available
The maximum funding available for the contract resulting from
the bid solicitation is $119,000.00 CAD (Goods and Services Tax
or the Harmonized Sales Tax extra, as appropriate). Bids valued
in excess of this amount will be considered non-responsive.
This disclosure does not commit Canada to pay the maximum
funding available.

Mandatory criteria
1.    According to:

The contractor must implement the routines and sub-routines
developed for the soil constitutive models (for sandy-gravel
soil and clayed soil) and their corresponding relationships
(equation of state, strength model, damage/failure model,
erosion model) in LS-DYNA software.

The Bidder must demonstrated that LS-DYNA and related equipment
to use this software must be available and used by the bidder.

Point Rated Technical Criteria
Technical Proposal 50 points minimum 34 points
Expertise 45 points, minimum 25 points
Total: 95 points minimum 60 points.

Basis of Selection - Highest Rated Within Budget

To be declared responsive, a bid must:

(a)    comply with all the requirements of the bid solicitation;
(b)    meet all mandatory technical evaluation criteria;
(c)    obtain the required minimum points for each group of
criteria a pass mark; and
(d)    obtain the required minimum points overall for the technical
evaluation criteria which are subject to point rating.
Bids not meeting (a) or (b) or (c) or (d) will be declared non
responsive. The responsive bid with the highest number of
points will be recommended for award of a contract, provided
that the total evaluated price does not exceed the budget
available for this requirement. In the event that the highest
number of points is obtained by more than one responsive bid,
the responsive bid with the lowest evaluated price will be
recommended for award of a contract.

Intellectual property rights

Any intellectual property rights arising from the performance of
the Work under the resulting contract will belong to Canada.

Code of Conduct

IMPORTANT NOTICE: New measures related to Code of Conduct and
certifications included in the solicitation documents requiers

Other information :

- The requirement is subject to the provisions of the Agreement
on Internal Trade (AIT).
- The requirement is limited to Canadian services.
- This PWGSC office provides provides procurement services to
the public in both official languages.

Brisebois, Aline
N° de téléphone - (418) 649-2883
Nº fax - (418) 648-2209
Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Brisebois, Aline
601-1550, Avenue d'Estimauville
G1J 0C7
(418) 649-2883 ( )



Contracting Authority

  Name Aline Brisebois
  Address 601-1550, Avenue d'Estimauville
  City Québec
  State / Province Québec
  Country Canada
  Postal Code G1J 0C7
  Phone (418) 649-2883 ( )
  Fax (418) 648-2209
  Website URL

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