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MERX understands that public sector organizations, agencies, Crown, not-for-profit and private corporations are continuously challenged to keep operations efficient all while enduring ever increasing procurement complexities. With MERX, organizations can now manage their tendering process from beginning to end with a fully integrated solution.

Features Available*:

Many of the features outlined are available only to Enterprise Customers. Find out more about our enterprise package.

Notice Creation

Create your notice in 4 easy steps using our secure web-based interface. MERX makes it easy to prepare, post, and amend tender opportunities (including documents) with minimal effort.

Invited Tendering

Create Vendor of Record lists or choose to direct your tenders to a smaller group of known qualified suppliers by starting with an 'Open Invitation' to our database of over 200,000 suppliers/contractors globally who affiliate themselves with MERX. Use the ‘Master List’ function within MERX to manage your list of qualified suppliers. Some of the many benefits of invited tendering include better proposals from suppliers, time saved by evaluating only proposals from qualified suppliers and less risk of non-compliant bids.

Document Distribution

Documents only need to be electronically published once. Suppliers have the flexibility to order any or all documents in any format (electronic, print, CD/DVD) in any combination. This moves the responsibility to the supplier to ensure they have ordered all components. You will be provided with a report indicating whether or not suppliers have received all documents.

Amendment Notification and Distribution

When an amendment is issued, MERX will automatically notify suppliers of the change to the opportunity. This provides suppliers with the most up-to-date information needed to create their bid response. A report is available to allow you to see what documents suppliers have ordered. If they are missing an amendment, you will know that their bid will likely be non-compliant.

Management Reports

Extensive management reporting provides advanced visibility into your organization’s tendering process. These reports will provide an overview of all opportunities posted by your organization and the current status and level of activity within it. Reports provide information on supplier statistics and their activities using MERX, allowing you to track and support the analysis of trends.

Electronic Bid Submission (E-bid Submission)

Eliminate problems resulting from late submissions and the ensuing legal challenges by having suppliers submit bids electronically. Accurately time stamped and tamper proof, this feature saves all participants time and money by eliminating travel and courier costs. This feature also includes many safeguards to ensure the security and authenticity of the material being transferred.

Some of the E-bid Submission features include a supplier authentication process and a technique for an electronic signature. This electronic signature is the legal equivalent of a signature and is conducted using a special password given only the authorized signer within the supplier organization. E-bid Submission supports proposal updates by suppliers up until closing and provides secure storage of submitted files. To ensure fairness, buyers can not open the supplier's bids prior to the closing time of the bid. Another feature of E-bid Submission is the ability to have one user to manage all of the E-bid Submissions for your entire organization.

There are many advantages to using E-bid Submission. There are lower preparation costs, shorter turnaround times and it is easier for suppliers to modify or withdraw bids any time prior to closing. There is no disadvantage to the geographical location of suppliers and there is a detailed audit trail to support the resolution of disputes.

It is important to note that legislation for electronic tendering has the same binding effect as traditional contracts. For more information on what the provinces are saying about electronic bid submission or for additional articles on the subject please see the resources page.

Virtual Plans Room

The Virtual Plans Room functionality allows for the electronic distribution of plans and specifications. This feature facilitates access to plans and specifications and allows sub-trades to view pertinent information without having to order complete plan sets. Unlike physical plans rooms, electronic plans are available as soon as they are issued. MERX increases plan room efficiency by minimizing amendment and distribution issues. MERX tracks plan takers and amendments to reduce the risk of non-compliant bids due to missing information.

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