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MERX is Canada’s leading electronic tendering service. MERX helps public sector organziations, agencies, Crown, not-for-profit and private corporations reduce traditional tendering costs all the while improving efficiencies and accountability to stakeholders. MERX Standard and Enterprise customers manage their tendering process from beginning to end with a fully integrated solution allowing them to: publish tenders online to an invited group of suppliers or the entire MERX database of over 200,000 suppliers and contractors accross the world; manage tender document distribution; control supplier and contractor information and receive bids, all within a single solution. Throughout the entire process MERX provides integrated reporting and visibility to Project Managers, Buyers and Management, providing a complete view into their organization’s tendering process.

MERX Enterprise workflow

At MERX we help to make the transition to e-tendering a smooth and successful process. As a MERX customer, we will provide your organization with the consulting and assistance you need to map your current tendering process to MERX. Our Buyer Support team will provide in-depth training to help your team maximize the benefits obtained through the use of the service. The full suite of features and benefits have been proven to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and reflect nearly two decades of outcome driven innovation and customer feedback.

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