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Why We’re Different

As Canada's leading e-tendering service, suppliers know that MERX is the one place online they need to go to find the most complete source of tenders from public sector organizations, agencies, Crown, not-for-profit and private corporations, as well as U.S. government tenders and Canadian private-sector construction news. Over 3,700 purchasing organizations have made MERX a part of their procurement process.

MERX helps organizations reduce traditional tendering costs all the while improving efficiencies and accountability to stakeholders. MERX is unlike any other e-tendering service; you are provided help to manage all aspects of the tendering process – tender advertisement, document and addenda distribution, supplier and contractor management and bid receipt. MERX offers its clients access to the largest supplier base available in Canada with over 200,000 suppliers from around the world - a number that grows significantly month over month. Throughout each stage of a tender MERX provides full reporting and visibility to Project Managers, Buyers and Management to supply them with a complete view into their organization’s tendering process.

Overview of MERX Enterprise Reporting

MERX provides a number of other related features to meet your procurement needs. These features include but are not limited to those found above. In addition to these features, as part of the consulting process, MERX will assign a project manager and work with your team to map out your processes and pain points. This information is used to configure MERX to best address your procurement requirements.