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Benefits of Subscribing

MERX makes it easy for all types of businesses (small and medium enterprises and/or large organizations) to expand into tendering. Avoid daily searches by having opportunities automatically sent to you every business day one of the many advantages of MERX. Take advantage of this service to expand your customer base and grow your business!

Features and Benefits of MERX:

  • Search Opportunities
    Browse the list of opportunities posted on MERX or perform a specific search to help you find the tenders of interest.
  • Preview Documents
    Preview documents prior to ordering them to gain better insight into the scope of the tender. This option is only available with an Organization Specific subscription.
  • Order Documents
    Once registered you are provided with the ability and flexibility to electronically order tender documents from anywhere, and at anytime. Order tenders and choose from our comprehensive delivery options: download, email, fax, pick-up, courier or regular mail. Please see pricing for applicable fees.
  • Manage Your Orders
    MERX keeps a detailed log of all the orders you have placed, making it easy to reconcile placed orders and charges. In addition, this feature can be used to double-check that you have received all portions of the tender documents, including amendments.
  • Receive Notification of Amendments and Cancellations
    value added service, you can choose to automatically receive the amendment.
  • Opportunity Matching
    This valuable service notifies you when an opportunity that might be of interest to your organization is posted on MERX. You provide MERX with a specific profile and we do a daily search for you. MERX will notify you free of charge by email, fax or online of any opportunities that match your profile.
  • Virtual Plans Room
    This allows for an electronic review of plans and specs (where applicable). All or only selected plans can be ordered depending on individual needs.
  • Manage Your Account
    The Organization Profile Maintenance feature is a convenient, secure and easy way to manage your account online. You can change your contact information, cancel or register a new contact and access your statements as often as needed.
  • High Service Levels
    All orders from MERX are fullfilled within 4 hours of an order being placed.
  • Customer Assistance
    Bilingual friendly Customer Support is available by phone during business hours across Canada and by email, fax and voice mail 24/7.

Value added services*:

  • Automatic Delivery of Amendments
    You have the option to have all subsequent tender documents automatically delivered to you by email, fax or hardcopy.
  • Additional Opportunity Matching Profile(s)
    As a subscriber, you have the option to create up to nine Opportunity Matching profiles that will automatically search for opportunities of interest to your organization.
  • Electronic Bid Submission (E-bid submission)
    This service provides a quick, efficient, and cost-effective means to submit a bid to the buyer and eliminates the challenges associated with bid delivery. This option is only made available to you when the buying organization chooses to accept electronic bid submissions.

Enhanced services*:

  • Alternative Delivery Methods:
    MERX offers enhanced services with alternate order and delivery options of documents for all our service packages.

* Please refer to the pricing page for more information on these options and the associated costs.

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