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Let the experts at MERX help make your transition to e-tendering a smooth and successful process by using our 17+ years of experience to ensure proven and predictable results. Throughout each stage of a tender, MERX provides full reporting and visibility to Project Managers, Buyers and Management to supply them with a complete view into their organization’s tendering process.

We can provide your organization with the consulting and assistance you need to map your current tendering process to MERX. Our Buyer Support team can provide in-depth training to help your team maximize the benefits obtained through the use of the service. Training and consulting will ensure your organization has a smooth transition to e-tendering. Please ask us about our training and consulting services.

Once your company has been validated and registered, you will be ready to post your business opportunities on MERX. This will provide you with a simple, 4-step process online to create and post your opportunities.

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