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1 Alberta Public Sector 21/02/2019 19/03/2019 Alberta Concrete Services Contractor
Alberta Public Sector
Construction Services
2 Alberta Public Sector 21/02/2019 18/03/2019 Alberta 19-1556 Supply and Delivery of Hybrid Engine Front End Loaders with Rubber Tires
Alberta Public Sector
Industrial Equipment
3 Alberta Public Sector 21/02/2019 11/03/2019 Alberta RFP - Airport Equipment Winged Snow Plow
Alberta Public Sector
Industrial Equipment
4 Alberta Public Sector 21/02/2019 03/04/2019 Alberta Waste Collection Services
Alberta Public Sector
Environmental Services
5 Manitoba Finance 20/02/2019 05/03/2019 UTILTY VEHICLE, 20HP
Manitoba Finance
Industrial Equipment
6 Central Services - Procurement Services 20/02/2019 05/03/2019 Saskatchewan Air PurificationSystems - ACAN
Central Services - Procurement Services
Industrial Equipment
7 City Of Saskatoon 20/02/2019 06/03/2019 Saskatchewan New Self Propelled Propane Ice Resurfacer
City Of Saskatoon
Industrial Equipment
8 Municipality of Kincardine 20/02/2019 08/03/2019 Ontario Supply and Delivery of ONE 2019/2020 MIN 165 HP Rubber Tired Articulated Loader
Municipality of Kincardine
Industrial Equipment
9 McMaster University 20/02/2019 29/03/2019 Ontario PARCEL LOCKER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
McMaster University
Furniture Industrial Equipment Miscellaneous Goods
10 University of Western Ontario 20/02/2019 19/03/2019 Ontario Supply and Install of a Selective Laster Sintering (SLS) Printer for Metals
University of Western Ontario
Machinery and Tools
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