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1 Alberta Public Sector 21/06/2019 24/07/2019 Alberta Citizen Reporting Software
Alberta Public Sector
Information Processing and Related Telecommunications Services
2 Alberta Public Sector 21/06/2019 11/07/2019 Alberta Overhead Door Service Contract
Alberta Public Sector
Operation of Government-Owned Facilities
3 Construction de Défense Canada - Région du Québec 20/06/2019 10/07/2019 Quebec Fit-up of conference room (L-07), Montreal Garrison (QC)
Construction de Défense Canada - Région du Québec
Construction Services
4 Alberta Public Sector 20/06/2019 04/07/2019 Alberta Fan Belts For HVAC units
Alberta Public Sector
Transportation Equipment and Spares
5 Alberta Public Sector 20/06/2019 10/07/2019 Alberta Sale of Bulk Water Station
Alberta Public Sector
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
6 City of Victoria 18/06/2019 24/06/2019 British Columbia Equipment Rental - By-Pass Pump
City of Victoria
Lease and Rental of Equipment
7 RM of De Salaberry 18/06/2019 03/07/2019 Manitoba 2019-2021 Street Sanding/Salting Tender
RM of De Salaberry
Transportation, Travel and Relocation Services Lease and Rental of Equipment
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