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1 Village of Lumby 23/05/2018 15/06/2018 British Columbia Lumby Flood Mitigation Plan
Village of Lumby
Environmental Services
2 City of Calgary 23/05/2018 13/06/2018 Alberta Gypsum Drywall Recycling
City of Calgary
Environmental Services
3 City of Burnaby 23/05/2018 06/06/2018 British Columbia Hazardous Material Abatement Services
City of Burnaby
Environmental Services
4 Partnerships British Columbia 23/05/2018 13/06/2018 British Columbia RFP- Environmental Assessment Services for Mills Memorial
Partnerships British Columbia
Environmental Services
5 Region of Durham 23/05/2018 19/06/2018 Ontario Sunderland exfiltration lagoon cleanout
Region of Durham
Environmental Services
6 Alberta Public Sector 23/05/2018 11/06/2018 Alberta Third Party Review Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Silvertip Residential Block 10
Alberta Public Sector
Special Studies and Analysis - (Not R&D)
7 Alberta Public Sector 23/05/2018 08/06/2018 Alberta Kananaskis Region Weed Control Program
Alberta Public Sector
Custodial Operations and Related Services
8 Municipality of Brighton 22/05/2018 15/06/2018 Ontario REMOVAL AND DISPOSAL OF MUNICIPAL BIOSOLIDS
Municipality of Brighton
Environmental Services
9 City of Guelph 22/05/2018 12/06/2018 Ontario HAUL AND DISPOSAL OF MHSW MATERIALS FOR 2018-2020
City of Guelph
Environmental Services
10 Government of Nova Scotia 22/05/2018 20/06/2018 Nova Scotia AVRCE RFP 2018-01 Pick up and Disposal of Organics, Recyclables, and Residual Waste
Government of Nova Scotia
Environmental Services
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