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    Published [ALT] Closing [ALT] Reg. Of Delivery Title, Organization Name and Category  
1 City of Calgary 31/03/2020 21/04/2020 Alberta Blind Hiring Process Research
City of Calgary
Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services Health and Social Services
2 Manitoba Finance 31/03/2020 01/09/2020 Manitoba Request for Supply Arrangement for Accommodation Services across Manitoba
Manitoba Finance
Health and Social Services
3 Alberta Public Sector 27/03/2020 08/05/2020 Alberta Career and Employment Resource Centres (CERC) Northwest Alberta (Grande Cache)
Alberta Public Sector
Health and Social Services
4 Government of Nunavut 26/03/2020 08/04/2020 Nunavut Medical Irrigation Tower
Government of Nunavut
Health and Social Services
5 3sHealth 25/03/2020 28/04/2020 Saskatchewan Pre-Qualification for a Provincial Nurse Call System
Health and Social Services
6 Alberta Public Sector 25/03/2020 31/08/2020 Alberta COVID-19 Supplies
Alberta Public Sector
Fire Fighting, Security and Safety Equipment Industrial Equipment Medical Equipment, Supplies and Pharmaceuticals Custodial Operations and Related Services Health and Social Services
7 Public Services and Procurement Canada 25/03/2020 08/04/2020 Ontario Community Residential Facility (CRF)-Ontario Region (21470-24-3472578) (21470-24-3472578) - ACAN
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Health and Social Services
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