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  Reference Number NB-ACAN-CSJ-001
  Solicitation Number ACAN-CSJ-001
  Organization Name Government of New Brunswick
New Brunswick Government Purchasing Branch
  Source ID PV.MN.NB.110270.C11191
  Associated Components No


  Published 2017-11-24
  Closing 2017-12-08 04:00 PM Atlantic Standard Time AST


  Category Undefined
  GSINS J: Maintenance
  Region of Delivery
  Region of Opportunity
  Agreement Type
  Tender Type Tender Notice
  Estimated Value
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Notice Description


City of Saint John
P.O. Box 1971

New Brunswick
E2L 4L1

ACAN - Acquisition, Implementation, Deployment and Maintenance of Motorola Mobile
Trunked Radio System (Public Safety)

This notice is subject to the provisions of the Agreement on Internal Trade, Annex
This ACAN is a public notice indicating to the supplier community that the City
of Saint John intends to award a contract for goods or services to a pre-identified
supplier ("Supplier"), thereby allowing other Suppliers to signal their interest
in bidding, by submitting a statement of capabilities ("Statement of Capabilities").
If no Supplier submits a Statement of Capabilities that meets the requirements
set out in the ACAN, on or before the Closing Date ("Closing Date") stated in the
ACAN, the
City of Saint John may then proceed with the award to the pre-identified Supplier.

The Government requires effective, reliable, and secure wireless communications
capabilities to successfully carry out a wide range of enforcement, protective,
and security missions.
On June 23, 2015, the Province of New Brunswick signed an agreement with Bell
Mobility / Motorola for the provision of a Motorola P25 Astro 7.14 Public Safety
Grade Digital Mobile Radio Network, which was subsequently named as the "New
Brunswick Trunk Mobile Radio (NBTMR)". The NBTMR is a province-wide network and
forms part of the Maritime Trunked Radio Network supported and managed by Bell
Mobility on behalf of each province (i.e., the Province of Nova Scotia's Public
Safety Digital Mobile
Radio Network is known as "TMR2", and Prince Edward Island's system is known as
"PICS2"). The NBTMR network delivers a unique level of reliability and privacy
required by enforcement, protective, and security missions.
The NBTMR radio communications systems provides access to portable radios, mobile
radios, base stations, and dispatch consoles on the 700 MHz frequency bands, for
wireless public safety communications. Operation of NBTMR radio equipment is based
on such standards as APCO 25 and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) which are designed
for dedicated use by first responders such as policing services, fire response
services, and medical ambulance services. The NBTMR system will also provide access
to all
Provincial departments and agencies related to public safety (an overview of the
NBTMR system is available @ tableId=37&column=217&id=3609&file=CITIG_NPSTC_Update_20160301.pdf

The City of Saint John requires the provisioning of regional Land Mobile Radio
(LMR) equipment, configuration and on-going system maintenance and services for
the Saint John Fire Service's and Saint John Police Force's emergency communications.
The City's current analog trunked radio system is over twenty (20) years old, and
is in a state of disrepair. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find
repair / replacement parts, as well as mobile and portable radios which still
operate on an
analog frequency.
The City is currently in the process of transitioning its non-public safety service
areas away from analog trunked radios by switching them to technology with "push-to-
talk" capability. However, the needs of the Saint John Fire Service and Saint
John Police Force, as emergency first responder public safety service providers,
require the ability to establish highly reliable and secure communication links
with other public safety providers such as the RCMP, other public safety answering
and the New Brunswick Ambulance Service, which also allows for the exchange of
confidential and/or highly sensitive information through private talk groups and
digital encryption.
Where the Province of New Brunswick's new NBTMR system provides all of the required
functionality, inter-operability, security, and coverage required by the Saint
John Fire Service and Saint John Police Force, the City of Saint John believes
it is in its best interest for the Saint John Fire Service and Saint John Police
Force to subscribe to the NBTMR system, and as such, procure all required Motorola
hardware, programming, implementation and commissioning necessary which is fully
with the NBTMR system.

The City of Saint John is seeking a single offeror to design, develop, supply,
activate, deploy, and maintain the NBTMR-compatible Land Mobile Radio (LMR)
equipment required by the Saint John Fire Service and Saint John Police Force as
specified herein.
Implementation will require extensive knowledge of the NBTMR network to support
communications, and ensure that all hardware and equipment is programmed to connect
to the NBTMR system, thus improving the Saint John Fire Service's and Saint John
Police Force's collaboration and interoperability with various other public safety
-    The system must include the creation of "Home" Tower Sites that provide the
coverage required for operations (Cottage Hill, Sandy Point, Spruce Lake, Buckley
Mountain, Otty-Glenn (Quispamsis), Maces Bay, Grove Hill and Hibernia Heights).
-    Industry certification and licensing
Through its proposed design and support agreements, Suppliers must guarantee:
-    99.95% availability
-    Performance based-financial penalties
-    Built-in system redundancy
The proposed mobile radio system must include:
-    P25 compliant digital radios
-    Point to multi-point communications
-    Push-to-talk, release to listen - a single button press opens communication on
a radio frequency channel with priority talk capabilities
-    Local, regional, and Local Service Districts (LSD) have coverage
-    Availability and Guarantee of a minimum of 99.95%
-    Province-wide coverage with defined roaming charges (if applicable)
-    Multi-band capable radios that have the potential to access select non-NBTMR
radios system which use VHF, UHF 700/800 MHz frequency bands. Only one (1) band
will be activated to operate on the provincial network (NBTMR).
Saint John Fire Service
-    Four (4) Motorola APX8000XE Portables with VHF capability (model 2.5)
-    Fifty-nine (59) Motorola APX8000XE Portables (short antenna preferred)
-    Eleven (11) Motorola APX4500 Mobiles - Remote Mount
-    Two (2) Motorola APX4500 Mobiles - Dash Mount
-    Eight (8) Motorola APX4500 Mobiles to be equipped for In-Vehicle DVRS Units
-    Two (2) Motorola APX4500 Mobiles to be equipped for Transportable DVRS Units
-    Eight (8) Futurecom DVRS In-Vehicle Units
-    Two (2) Futurecom DVRS Transportable Units
-    Fourteen (14) IMPRES II - Single Unit Battery Charger
-    Twenty-one (21) IMPRES II - Multi Unit Gang Charger
-    One (1) IMPRES II - Battery Fleet Management System
-    Portables radios are to be initially supplied with minimal accessories. Initial
accessories supplied under the project are;
o    Sixty-three (63) Enhanced Capacity Batteries
o    Sixty-three (63) Enhanced Battery as a Spare Battery
o    Sixty-one (61) APX8000XE Remote Speaker Microphones
o    Single or Gang battery charger (as noted above IMPRES units)
o    Sixty-one (61) Leather Carrying Cases
o    Thirty-two (32) Leather Radio Strap (Regular)
o    Twenty-nine (29) Leather Radio Strap (Extra-Large)
o    Sixty-one (61) Leather Anti-Sway Strap
Saint John Police Force
-    One-hundred and forty (140) Motorola APX6000 Portable radios with encryption
(short antenna preferred)
-    Thirty (30) Motorola APX4500 Mobiles - Remote Mount with encryption all provisioned
with APX02 control head and extension Cable
-    Two (2) Furturecom DVRS Transportable Units with encryption
-    Ninety-eight (98) IMPRES II - Single Unit Battery Charger
-    Twelve (12) IMPRES II - Multi Unit Gang Charger
-    One (1) IMPRES II - Battery Fleet Management System
-    Portables radios will be initially supplied with minimal accessories. Initial
accessories include;
o    One hundred and forty (140) Enhanced Capacity Battery
o    One hundred and forty (140) Second Enhanced Capacity Battery as a Spare Battery
o    Single or Gang Battery Charger (as noted above - IMPRES Units)
o    One hundred and forty (140) Remote Speaker Microphone
o    One hundred and forty (140) Leather Carrying Case

Public Safety Communications Centre (PSCC)
PSCC Primary:
-    Quantity six (6) MCC7500 Dispatch Consoles Work Stations (to be supplied without
monitors as the City already has monitors)
-    Quantity one (1) CAM Server - Console Alias Manager
-    Quantity one (1) Fortinet Firewall Appliance
-    Quantity one (1) CCGW, Conventional Channel Gateway (8 port)
-    Quantity one (1) GCP8000, Conventional Site Controller
-    Quantity one (1) Auxiliary I/O Server - SDM3000 (AIS Server for IP Logging Interface)
-    Quantity one (2) MCC7500 Dispatch Console Licences (5 Licence Pack)
-    Quantity one (1) Telephony Media Gateway (POTS Interface)
-    Quantity one (1) RCM, Radio Control Management License
-    Quantity one (1) MCC7500 Secure Operations Licenses - Encryption and RTT
-    Quantity six (6) Console Telephone/Headset Interface
-    Quantity one (1) Cabinet Enclosure (for equipment mounting in IP Data Room)
-    Quantity one (1) Console Site Spares (Spares Kit)
PSCC Backup Site:
-    Quantity one (1) MCC7500 Dispatch Console WorkStation (to be supplied without
a monitor as the City already has a monitor at this location. Monitor not required)
-    Quantity one (1) Console Telephone/Headset Interface

Voice Loggers:
-    Quantity one (1) Dispatch Center P25 IP Logging Hardware (NICE IP Logger)
-    Quantity sixty (60) Concurrent Record Licences
-    Quantity one (1) AIS, Archiving Interface Server
-    Quantity seven (7) NICE Verify Software Licenses (General Use)
-    Quantity two (2) NICE Inform and Verify Licences (Supervisor Use)
-    Quantity one (1) NICE IP Logger Integration
-    Quantity one (1) NICE IP Logger Spares (Spares Kit)

-    The Supplier shall be responsible for providing project management services to
ensure the installation and commissioning of all required hardware and software
within an established schedule for the Saint John Fire Department, Saint John
Police Force and Public Safety Communications Centre
-    The Supplier will be required to obtain all required programming and activation
settings, as well as all master code plugs required for the NBTMR system
-    Adhere to the system design configuration provided by Bell Mobility and Motorola,
and ensure compliance with the NBTMR and associated RCMP, other police forces,
provincial service provider and Ambulance NB communication systems
-    Establish user talk groups channel services
-    Provide fleet mapping services
-    Validate Radio compliance with RCMP, Bell Mobility and NBTMR systems with the
new 911 dispatching communications design
-    Provide all required testing and deployment services, including any design and
analysis, functional verification and deployment, such as: Programming, System
Staging, Activation and Licensing, System Installation and Deployment, System
Optimization, and Acceptance Testing
-    Provide and maintain an accurate inventory of installed equipment
-    Supply all user manuals and configuration information and diagrams
-    Provide on-going system maintenance and support
-    Provide training for users, and annual availability of loaned radios for training
purposes of up to ten (10) radios
-    Provide field operations support
-    Establish a Service Level Agreement providing 24/7 service delivery

The proposed contract period is for an eight (8) year period, which is expected
to begin November 1st, 2018 and expire October 31, 2026. (with year after year extensions)
The estimated contract value for the purchase of all required Motorola hardware,
programming, installation, and activation, as well as the monthly recurring NBTMR
system access subscription fee required by the Saint John Fire Service and Saint
John Police Force, over a eight (8) year term, is approximately $4,000,000.00,
plus H.S.T.
The intent is to award the contract to:
Bell Mobility Inc.
Saint John, NB

The City of Saint John believes that Supplier is entitled to be awarded the
contract because this item is SOLE SOURCE and no other available product(s) can
offer the identified essential criteria.
Suppliers who consider themselves fully qualified and available to provide equivalent
product(s) and service(s) described herein, may submit a Statement of Capabilities
in writing to the contract authority ("Contract Authority") identified in this
Notice on or before the Closing Date of Friday, December 8, 2017 at 4:00pm -

This is a tender notice only. In order to submit a bid, you must obtain official
tender documents from the New Brunswick Opportunities Network, another authorized
tendering service or as indicated in the tender notice.

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Cindy Calvin
City of Saint John
P.O. Box 1971

New Brunswick
E2L 4L1

1 (506) 658-2930
1 (506) 658-4742


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