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Open, fair and transparent. That’s the mandate that public sector organizations must honour when spending taxpayer’s money on public works projects or for the procurement of goods and services. For over 15 years, MERX Canadian Public Tenders has provided its services to thousands of public sector organizations that need an efficient, simple and fair way to source goods and services.

For purchasers in the federal, provincial and MASH (Municipal, Academic, School and Hospital) public sectors who do “Open” or “2nd Stage/By Invitation” tendering, MERX ensures an open and competitive environment for projects put out to bid. MERX Canadian Public Tenders gives your organization the power to reach a local vendor base or reach a national audience of vendors and create a competitive bidding process.

Advertise your tenders on your own site while using MERX’s advanced tools and reporting to take control of your process and increase internal productivity. Your projects will receive exposure to Canada’s largest database of contractors and suppliers that can provide you with everything from commodity goods and services to specialized IT consulting or complex construction project management.

Benefits of using MERX

  • Reach Canada’s largest and most broad base of suppliers.
  • Eliminate the costs associated with traditional tender distribution: photocopying, envelopes, postage, advertising expenses and other operational costs.
  • Increase your organization’s internal productivity by reducing administrative tasks. This allows personnel to concentrate on core purchasing business.
  • Ensures your corporate procurement policies are being met.
  • Buyer controls the business process and document management.
  • Fully supports the distribution of drawings & specifications.
  • Access to Enterprise Reporting.
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