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About the service

MERX provides advantages to agencies, crown, not-for-profit and private corporations through electronic tendering. With MERX, both suppliers and buyers benefit from this efficient and cost-effective online service.


MERX is a fast, simple and central location for suppliers to view opportunities and source the tender documents pertinent to their business. As a MERX subscriber you can access new business opportunities looking to purchase a variety of goods and services. Grow your business by easily finding and bidding on opportunities you were not otherwise aware of from local and national organizations.

At MERX we have created the tools you need to quickly find the information about potential business opportunities. With the posting of all opportunities you will receive timely notification of all newly posted opportunities of interest to you, directly to your inbox*.

MERX offers many features and benefits for registered subscribers as well as a variety of value added and enhanced services. Take advantage of MERX to expand your customer base and grow your business!

* When an Opportunity Matching profile is set up. The option to receive a fax or view the results online is also available free of charge.


MERX is used to help reduce traditional tendering costs all the while improving efficiencies and accountability to stakeholders. MERX is unlike any other e-tendering service, it solves all of the challenges in the tendering process – tender advertisement, document and addenda distribution, supplier and contractor management and bid receipt. MERX offers its clients access to the largest supplier base in Canada. Over 70,000 suppliers are currently registered - a number that grows significantly every month. Throughout each stage of a tender MERX provides full reporting and visibility to Project Managers, Buyers and Management to provide them with a complete view into their organization’s tendering process.

As Canada's leading e-tendering service, suppliers know that MERX is the one place online they need to go to find the most complete source of tenders in Canada, as well as U.S. government tenders and Canadian private-sector construction news. Over 3700 organizations in both the private and public sectors have made MERX a part of their procurement process.

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