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The Manage My Account page will display the View Organization page by default.  If you are a Supplier Coordinator of a sub organization, the name of your parent organization and its organization number will be displayed at the top of the page followed by your organizationís profile information.  You can use the links on the left hand side menu to access other MERX pages.

View Organization Information Fields

If you wish to update the selected organizationís information, click the Update button at the bottom of the page. Bold field names indicate mandatory fields.

Organization Privilege                                                                                                   This field displays ďSupplierĒ as the privilege granted to the buyer organization. 
MERX Organization Number


This field displays the organization number that was generated and assigned by MERX.

Registration Date Displays the date the supplier organization was created.  
Organization Status  Displays the organizationís status in MERX. The default status message is ďActiveĒ.
Status Date Displays the date on which the Organizationís Status was last modified. 
Organization Name This field displays the organizationís name.
Description                                                                                              This field displays a brief description of the business carried out by the organization (i.e. health services, legal services, architecture, training services, etc.).
Default Language                                                                                        This field displays the selected preferred language of communication. 
Address This field displays the organizationís address.
City This field displays the name of the City where the organization is located.
Country                                                                                        This field displays the Country where the organization is located. 

                                                          Canadian Residents Only Province and Postal Code 


This field displays the Province where the organization is located and the postal code.
U.S. Residents Only State and Zip Code If your organization is located in the U.S., the State and zip code will be displayed.


International Residents Country (Outside of Canada and U.S.)

                                                                                                               If your organization is located outside of Canada and the United States, the international postal code will be displayed.
Web Site URL This field displays the organizationís web site address, if applicable.
Category This field displays the category of goods and services that your organization offers.          
NAICS This field displays your organization classification as per The North American Industry Classification System.
GST Number This field displays the GST number of the organization.
Corporate Number This field displays the corporate number assigned to the organization upon incorporation.
Fee Class                                                                                        This field displays the fee class that applies to your organization.  Supplier organizations are defaulted to Private Sector.
Payment Method This field displays the selected Payment Method.

Statement Delivery


This field displays if you have selected to receive your statements via mail.

E-bid Submission Authorized Signer



This filed displays the contact name and email address of the authorized signer assigned to this account for E-bid Submission.  If there is no authorized signer set up for your account, the following message will be displayed: (To setup an Authorized Signer for your organization, please contact MERX Customer Support.) 

Update Button

Click the Update button to access the Update Organization page.

Menu Links

The menu links are located on the left side of the page.

Opportunities                                                                                                                                               This option gives you access to the Opportunities page, from which you will be able to find and display opportunity notices and manage your opportunity matching profile(s).
My Account Activity                                                                                    This option allows you to view and search your Opportunity Ordered List, your Order Tracking Report and View online Statements.  
Manage My Account                                                                                     This option allows all users to access and manage their account information.
Organization Contact List                                                                                         This option allows the Supplier Coordinator to update or add supplier contacts.
Sub Organization Search                                                                                                                       This option allows the Supplier Coordinator to access a sub organization search result page.  You can search for a specific sub organization or search for all sub organizations.
Create Sub Organization                                                                                         This option allows the Supplier Coordinator to access the Create Sub Organization page.  
Credit Card Information                                                                                           This option allows you to update your organizationís credit card information. This link will be displayed if the organizationís Payment Method is set to Credit Card.
User Options: 
View Own Profile


This option allows you to view your personal contact profile information.  If you need to update your personal contact information, there is an Update button located at the bottom of the View Own Profile page.

View Own Service Details 



                                                                                    This option allows you to view the current MERX Services and privileges that have been granted to your organization as well as the MERX Services you are able to access. Only a Supplier Co-ordinator or a MERX Administrator can grant access to one or more MERX Services.  If a MERX Administrator revokes a MERX Service access, a Supplier Co-ordinator will not be able to reverse the change.



Under this sub-header you will be able to access the Merx and Government Announcements, Government Publications, Business Resources, Events, and our Frequently Asked Questions pages