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MERX is Canada’s leading electronic tendering service. MERX helps governments, agencies, Crown; not-for-profit and private corporations reduce traditional strategic sourcing costs all the while improving efficiencies and accountability to stakeholders. For the past 15+ years, MERX has served as the most complete source of public and private sector contract opportunities (tenders) available in Canada. MERX has leveled the playing field so that businesses of any size can have easy and affordable access to billions of dollars in contracting opportunities with the Government of Canada, participating provincial and municipal governments, the U.S. Government, state and local governments, and the private sector. MERX is a subsidiary of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies - a leading operator of 13 e-business networks across the world.

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MERX4 for Enterprise customers advances our customer’s ability to manage their sourcing and vendor management process from beginning to end with a fully integrated solution allowing them to: identify, qualify and managed vendors, control all sourcing activities from document distribution to bid receipt and report on the entire process to Project Managers, Buyers and Management.

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See why organizations from a diverse range of industries and sectors trust MERX to streamline their purchasing process. Public entities and private companies alike can leverage the features of MERX4 to ensure compliance, optimize efficiency, improve transparency and achieve cost savings.

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