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Bid Evaluation

Does your organization need to make faster and more informed purchasing decisions?


Standards compliance and auditability has been a key driver to many leading public and private sector organizations to enhance their use of MERX. MERX4 Bid Evaluation enables organizations to make faster and more informed purchasing decisions.

Have you continued to receive boxes full of paper bids because you weren’t prepared to take on the printing burden? With the advent of MERX4, the days of receiving, sorting, and distributing large volumes of paper bid submissions to support the evaluation process are a thing of the past. MERX4 can easily be configured to support your evaluation process and the different evaluation and selection methodologies.

Key Challenges:

How MERX4 Helps

MERX4 provides a highly collaborative approach to bid evaluation that accelerates and streamlines the entire evaluation process. Evaluators use MERX to distribute, review and score proposals. Delivered as a service, MERX4 seamlessly integrates configurable electronic bid submission, bid evaluation and award functionality to support the procurement lifecycle.

Electronic Bid Receipt

Eliminate problems resulting from late submissions and the ensuing legal challenges by having suppliers submit bids electronically. Accurately time stamped and tamper proof, this feature saves all participants time and money by eliminating travel and courier costs. This feature also includes many safeguards to ensure the security and authenticity of the material being transferred.

Secure Electronic Bid Submission

Some of the E-bid Submission features include a supplier authentication process and a technique for an electronic signature. This electronic signature is the legal equivalent of a signature and is conducted using a special password given only the authorized signer within the supplier organization. E-bid Submission supports proposal updates by suppliers up until closing and provides secure storage of submitted files. To ensure fairness, buyers cannot open the supplier's bids prior to the closing time of the bid. Another feature of E-bid Submission is the ability to have one user role dedicated to managing all of the E-bid Submissions for your entire organization.

There are many advantages to using E-bid Submission. There are lower preparation costs, shorter turnaround times and it is easier for suppliers to modify or withdraw bids any time prior to closing. There is no disadvantage to the geographical location of suppliers and there is a detailed audit trail to support the resolution of disputes.

It is important to note that legislation for electronic tendering has the same binding effect as traditional contracts.

Online Bid Evaluation combined with Electronic Bid Receipt

MERX4 Bid Evaluation helps organizations conform to standards such as the broader public sector directive, enforce procurement best practices, streamline the bid evaluation process and manage the performance of their vendors.

Evaluations should apply both quantitative and qualitative factors. As a result simple evaluation tools that focus solely on quantitative factors such as price often miss the mark. MERX can easily be used to gain 360 degree perspective of submissions, while guiding your evaluation teams through an exercise that maps priorities and strategic objectives.

MERX provides an efficient, collaborative and secure way to evaluate bids. Evaluators can effortlessly score vendor responses to create a secure process for ranking vendors and proposals. With a comprehensive range of features and configuration flexibility, MERX manages your entire bid receipt and evaluation process in a manner that meets the most stringent transparency, compliance and audit requirements.

Bid Tabulation

Need help organizing your bid responses? Tabulate bids online and easily export data for further analysis with the MERX4 Bid Evaluation feature. Use this feature in tandem with the Electronic Bid Submission and Quote & Line Item Purchasing features to create a robust, comprehensive and efficient procurement process. Vendor bids are automatically tabulated, ranked and listed according to your requirements for easy viewing of each submission element. Cost and spend data can be easily formatted into tables and exported for reporting and auditing purposes.