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Innovation Driven By Collaboration

MERX4 is the conduit through which strategic sourcing vision is achieved. Our collaborative development approach provides the insights necessary to support your current and future needs. As a stakeholder in our development process, your feedback drives our core roadmap. As a result MERX4 supports every phase and axis of your journey. Our model is proven and is the reason why MERX customer satisfaction and ease of use metrics are exceptional.

Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites (July 2013) MERX/Mediagrif is a niche player
“Reference Satisfaction with Openness to Product Enhancement Ideas”

MERX4 for Enterprise customers advances our customer’s ability to manage their sourcing and vendor management process from beginning to end with a fully integrated solution allowing them to: identify, qualify and manage vendors, control all sourcing activities from document distribution to bid receipt and report on the entire process to Project Managers, Buyers and Management. Developed with extensive input from customers and procurement professionals, MERX4 is developed for you, essentially by you, and adapts to your evolving processes and business needs.