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One Size Does Not Fit All

The strategic sourcing needs of the public sector are different to the private sector. The public sector uses procurement to contain costs and drive efficiencies within a prescribed budget. Contrast that with the private sector use of strategic sourcing to contain costs and maximize potentially limitless profit. Sourcing and vendor management needs also differ across industries, and differ even more across companies. Generic solutions lack focus, and all users share the costs of the entire solution. These solutions are also ineffective at supporting the specialized requirements of wildly different industries. You shouldn’t have to pay for features you don’t need or want.


Solving for this on a common platform means bloating the software with features that large cross sections of customers don’t need, want or care about. This leads to product confusion, introduces unacceptable risk, and compromises the results customers can ultimately achieve. MERX provides unique strategic sourcing solutions for sectors, industries and customers. Unlike traditional vendors, MERX embeds best practices as a core and configures to suit each customer. MERX4 expands upon this theme, by enabling customers to leverage a fully configurable e-sourcing and vendor management solution tuned to their sector, industry, business and vision.


MERX understands what you do. We recognize that your business and industry is in a constant state of evolution. We know that your procurement processes and underlying business systems change over time. Don’t get caught in the quagmire. MERX4 can be easily recalibrated to reflect change.