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Achieve your vision with MERX

Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites (July 2013) MERX/Mediagrif is a niche player

“In the Top 5 for SBM and ease of use”

Source & Qualify Vendors

MERX4 gives you control of your vendor database with registration or qualification forms for vendors to submit their profiles into the system using workflows specific to your organization.

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Publish & Distribute Documents

Document distribution must be automated for any sourcing event to be successful. MERX4 provides organizations with complete control of the process.

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Manage Awards & Contracts

When a contract gets awarded, it is important that all contract award details are properly recorded and managed. MERX4 offers a best practice-driven contract lifecycle management solution to automate and simplify the creation and management of sales, procurement, and legal contracts.

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Rate Vendor Performance

Vendor performance management gives your organization visibility on which vendors have met or missed expectations.

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Reports & Business Intelligence

Can you easily provide all stakeholders with the information they need? MERX4 provides the right business intelligence, dashboards, and reports to the right people at the right time.

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Drive strategy forward

Make procurement your strategic imperative. Put your strategy into action with MERX4, to not only identify and secure ideal vendors, products and services; but to monitor and hold them accountable to their commitments.

Save more; consistently

Avoid the cost boomerang. Use MERX4 to implement a cycle of continuous spend management improvement across all categories to deliver sustainable savings over the long-term.

Boost free cash flow (FCF)

Save your organization money. Elevate the perspective of procurement by unlocking working capital to support top & bottom line gains while minimizing risk.

Integrate existing systems

You shouldn’t have to change all your existing enterprise systems to save. MERX4 is bespoke, integrating your specifications, systems and processes to lower total cost of ownership.

Enforce compliance standards

Manage and avoid risks associated with your suppliers. Factor contractual commitments and vendor performance for penalties, risk assessments, and future negotiations.

Improve supplier quality

Impose standards to reliably source from high quality suppliers who deliver best value within your constraints. Instantly improve your supplier portfolio by tapping into 75000+ vendors who actively use MERX to find business opportunities.

Spend Matters

Make spend management an evolving part of your procurement culture by combining spend analysis with process, controls and technology. Understand how to get the most impact from every dollar saved or spent. In doing so, you’ll reduce risk while increasing free cash flow to support other initiatives.

Streamline Contract Lifecycle Management

Eliminate bottlenecks in your contract management process. MERX provides complete visibility of contract status to help you capitalize on revenue opportunities and reduce contract compliance risks.