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Publish & Distribute Documents

Do you know with certainty that bidders received complete document sets?

Manage the creation of RFx documents

Assign tasks, coordinate reviews and approvals, auto generate content from templates, and merge sections into RFx documents suitable for publishing.

Develop an RFx content library

Easily import and manage a library of templates, documents and sections for dynamic insertion
into any RFx.


RFx document creation and distribution must be automated for any sourcing event to be successful. MERX4 provides organizations complete control of the process, with role based automated workflows, document generation, document assembly, Questions & Answers management, event scheduling, master list management, vendor rotation, electronic bid submission and award/bid result publication.

Key Challenges:

How MERX4 Helps

Get control of RFX documentation and distribution

It is imperative that the creation of RFx documents be properly managed before publication to ensure requirements are expressed correctly, minimize liability and conform to compliance standards. Precautions must be taken to invite or vet qualified vendors. After publication, the notification and distribution of amendments must also be carefully managed.

MERX4 offers best in class RFx document creation, content repositories and templates complimented by the enforcement of access control, approvals and workflows to improve compliance and minimize risks. MERX4 has all the tools you need within its SaaS solution to automate the bidder and vendor management process. From vendor registration to evaluating and awarding opportunities, our customers have eliminated the manual steps within procurement vendor management.

Key Challenges:

Maintaining your bidder & vendor database

Amendments are an inevitable part of any sourcing event and it is critical that you have confidence that bidders have the most current documents from which to bid. MERX will automatically notify vendors that an amendment has been issued, provide buyers with real-time reporting on the status of every project under their control and alert vendors trying to submit bids electronically to ensure they have the most current set of documents. Having a complete audit trail of the process and information at your fingertips is critical when reporting to stakeholders.

Keeping up with the details of multiple procurement processes can be difficult and time-consuming. Why not streamline your workflow by centralizing all solicitation or projects, addenda and bid activity in one location with MERX4’s Bid and RFP Solicitation Management feature? Open solicitations can be accessed for viewing, modification, deletion or publishing, while closed opportunities allow a buying organization to view bidding results, prepare an award notification, or download detailed copies of bid proposals. Bid and RFP Solicitation Management makes it simple to add a technical contact to a solicitation, set out certification requirements for vendors, and to issue complex bonding requirements – all from one secure location.

RFP & Bid Notice Creation

Imagine RFx documents that are automatically created based on templates that you manage. Realize the art of the possible with MERX. Simplify your RFx document creation and bid opportunity publishing using MERX4's RFx feature.

Manage tasks assignments, section creation, version control, review, and approval of all RFx documents and sections with MERX. Easily incorporate the correct version of document templates such as contracts into RFx documents prior to publication. MERX lets you dynamically aggregate and tailor RFx document sections for rapid RFP creation.

The easy-to-use Notice Creation Wizard helps buyers create bid notifications in only a few clicks. Instantly send opportunity notices to some or all of your vendor pool according to project requirements. Solicitations and any corresponding documents are published and distributed electronically to all eligible vendors. RFP and bid notifications can be sent to vendors by qualification, location, standard classification codes, or on a per-item basis, allowing for maximum flexibility when publishing solicitations.

RFP and Bid Notice Creation can be used in tandem with MERX4's RFP Contractor Rotation and Vendor Qualification features to ensure that only qualified vendors have an opportunity to bid. MERX4's RFP and Bid Notice Creation can be part of your configurable and collaborative approval workflows providing an additional layer of security to the procurement cycle. The quick and easy solicitation creation feature saves the procurement team valuable time during the procurement process.

Why waste administrative resources in the mailroom when you can distribute important documents instantly and securely? MERX4’s Bid and RFP Document Management feature automates the entire document distribution process, eliminating inefficiencies that are unavoidable with paper document distribution.

Reduce administration and mailing costs while ensuring that vendors receive your RFx and all associated documents or addenda with the click of a button.

Document & Addendum Management

Notifying vendors and ensuring receipt of your addendum has never been more transparent. Quickly publish addendums and modifications to bid opportunities with just a few clicks using the RFP Addendum Management feature. Documents, drawings and technical specifications are instantly updated and addendum highlighted for easy viewing. Vendors can select to receive automatic notification or electronic delivery of any addendum or modification to ensure knowledge when important changes are made. Many of our customers take material questions from vendors and the answers to form an addendum. A history of all addendums is always logged, making it easy to track and audit addendum and modifications at every stage of the bidding process.

Quote & Item Management

Do you want to be able to match vendors with bid opportunities that best meet their qualifications? MERX4’s Quote Management and Line Item Purchasing feature allows opportunities to be published on a per-item basis, making it easy to compare prices and award bid requirements to multiple vendors. Quote Management and Line Item Purchasing allow buyers to offer bid opportunities as a lump quote or on a per-item basis. This feature is especially useful when handling quotes for goods and itemized construction projects. Bidders have the ability to specify the quantity of items available, unit prices, and alternate items suggested.

Internal Client Management

Organizations need to be sure that security protocols are being followed. Your internal clients may require access to sensitive data. How will you strike the appropriate balance? MERX4 makes managing client access to data a simple and secure process. Use the Role Based Access and Workflow Management feature to grant internal clients read-only access to the information they need without providing unnecessary "write access" to documents. Even create custom dashboards for your internal business units, populate them with configurable data feeds that meet their reporting requirements - while resting assured that the integrity of your data is safe.

Solicitation Search

Do you want a view of all open solicitations, or are you looking for a specific RFP? The Internal Bid and RFP Search let’s you find your buying organization’s solicitations by region, category, buyer, contract type, closing date, or by keyword. Easily save your Bid and RFP Search criteria as a template for future use to save time when searching for specific open bid opportunities from your organization. Events requiring quick action such as mandatory bids or “By Invitation” opportunities are highlighted in search results, allowing for quick visual recognition. Each solicitation and addendum is audited and time stamped to easily track vendor's actions at every stage of the procurement cycle.

System Interfaces & Data Feeds

Delivered as a service, MERX4 minimizes your IT team’s involvement while enabling flexibility of integration to enhance the procurement process. We know that keeping important data sets up to date and accessible across multiple platforms can be challenging and costly. MERX4 makes it simple to integrate your current data feeds, including ERP and accounting systems, to ensure continuity of data across management systems, contract data, vendor information, bid notification feeds, and financial information can be integrated with a few simple clicks. MERX4's Data Feed and ERP Integration further increases the efficiency within your buying organization.

Approval Workflows

Your organization can work together to define a proper approval workflow. MERX4’s Collaborative Approval Workflows allow you to easily define who has the right to access, edit, or publish within the procurement workflow of your organization. Opportunity publication, addendum, award results, pre-qualification and rotation of vendors can all be integrated within a configurable workflow.