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Reports & Business Intelligence

Can you easily provide all stakeholders with the information they need?


The MERX4 dashboards, reporting and audit modules allow buying organizations to create, publish and share detailed reports with internal clients or management. Generate granular or full-scope reports at each step of the bidding process and easily export your data for analysis. View real-time data and project activity using the Buyer Dashboard. Discover all the features you need to simplify your procurement reporting within MERX4’s Reports and Auditing Solution.

Key Challenges:

How MERX4 Helps

Using a role based approach to reporting, each user only sees information appropriate to their role. Data can be aggregated into a consolidated view for use by executive management. Two-way feeds can be enabled to move data in or out of your ERP or financial system as necessary.

Audit & Reporting

The ability to create, publish and share actionable and engaging reports with just a few clicks has become an indispensable part of sourcing and procurement. MERX4 Business Intelligence supports full reporting and activity tracking for each MERX4 feature, providing near-limitless options for authorized users when generating reports about procurement initiatives. MERX4's Report Menu provides an overview of the robust selection of reporting options available within a given module. Managerial and departmental reports can be configured and generated with a click of a button.

Custom Reports

Do you need to generate managerial reports that go above and beyond the analysis of isolated areas of your procurement process? MERX4 makes it simple to integrate data from multiple features and modules to create in-depth, customized reports of your organization’s procurement data in just a few clicks. Create and share presentation-quality documents without leaving the MERX4 environment, simplifying the reporting and auditing process. Data from individual MERX4 modules may also be exported for external processing and analysis. Combine data feeds from disparate modules and features to form comprehensive reports that meet your specific needs with MERX4 Custom Reports.

Buyer Dashboard

Get a live snapshot of your buying organization’s procurement activity with MERX4’s Buyer Dashboards. Our configurable dashboard automatically consolidates important data from every area of your organization’s procurement activity into an interface that is both visually attractive and easy to navigate. Our customers are able to view live data of their procurement activity as a whole, as well as drill down for further details.