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Benefits to Buyers

Organizations of all sizes have been proven to achieve significant savings and efficiencies in the procurement process throuhg the use of MERX. Procurement executives and their staff quickly recognize the benefits and endorse the use of electronic tendering as the most secure, cost effective, efficient, simple and transparent way for organizations to source goods and services. The use of electronic tendering provides organizations with greater control over their tendering and document management processes. In addition Project Managers, Buyers and Management will gain visibility and reporting on the entire process.

Benefits to organizations using MERX include:

  • Significant Savings
    MERX customers have indicated that increased supplier competition as a result of electronic tendering saves them money on supplier contracts due to more competitive bids.
  • Streamlined Efficiency
    MERX can assist internal resources that are either at or beyond capacity due to portfolio growth or fiscal restraints. Many organizations have determined that efficiencies such as these can be improved by as much as 40% during the tendering process.
  • Cost Reduction
    The costs associated with traditional tender distribution (i.e. personnel time, printing, photocopying, envelopes, postage, advertising expenses and other operational costs) decrease when using electronic tendering. Through the reduction in paper-based distribution, MERX is an environmentally friendly way to conduct business.
  • Fairness
    Electronic tendering ensures an equal opportunity to all suppliers as the documents are easily accessible and notification of amendments occurs in a timely manner.
  • Accountability
    Disputes are minimized through a transparent and independent process. This provides the accountability that many organizations are looking for today.
  • Improved Governance
    Governance is improved through the enforced adherence to best practices and standard operating procedures supported by comprehensive process audit reports.

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