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For MERX to work effectively on your computer, your browser must accept cookies.

In order for MERX to run smoothly on your computer, the Internet browser you are using must accept ‘Cookies’.
The cookies are used to check your language preference and to maintain session information including, identification of users and preparation of customized Web Pages. Information across visits; is not saved-they are used to maintain session information during one unique visit.

Web Browsers set aside a small amount of space on your hard drive to keep these preferences, then every time you visit a Web site your browser checks to see if you have any predefined preferences (cookie) for that server, if you do it sends the cookie to the server along with the request for a web page. Your browser will not give up its cookie data to any server except the one that set

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Cookies option is accessed through the Tools/Internet Options menu. Under the Advanced tab, scroll the advanced options list down until you see the Cookies option under the Security title. We suggest ‘Always accept cookies’ should be selected.

If you are using Firefox, the Cookies option is accessed through the Tools/Options menu.  Select the Privacy option.  Under the cookies section ensure that the option 'Accept cookies from sites' is selected.

If you are using Netscape, the Cookies option is accessed through the Edit/Preference menu. Select the Advanced option to display the Advanced Option’s dialog box. Under the Cookies section we suggest that the option ‘Accept all cookies’ is selected.