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Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SaskPower) Bid Opportunities

Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SaskPower)’s Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register or login to see details of all open opportunities.

Established in 1929, SaskPower is Saskatchewan’s leading energy supplier. We support growth and we work to make life better for our over half a million customers. We procure goods and services valued at approximately $1 billion dollars annually and work to bring the best value possible to SaskPower by being innovative, efficient and flexible.
SaskPower procures goods and services from suppliers of all sizes, and this procurement has a significant economic impact to our communities. We work with hundreds of international, regional, local and Indigenous suppliers. This demand sparks increased economic activity and hiring in various industries across Saskatchewan and beyond.  For more information and resources about doing business with SaskPower, please visit our website at https://www.saskpower.com/about-us/for-our-suppliers/doing-business-with-saskpower

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
1005824 AGS & CGS (M15-1) Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/06/10 2021/07/05
1003586 Strategic Supply of The Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/06/09 2021/07/23
1005249 Eleven 41 ft Category "C" Material Handling Aerial Devices Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/06/09 2021/07/07
1005165 Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade for the Poplar River Power Station Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/06/08 2021/06/29
1004650 Saskatoon Janitorial Services Saskatoon-Biggar, SK, CAN 2021/06/07 2021/06/28
1005344 Saskatoon Maintenance Centre Roof Replacement Saskatoon-Biggar, SK, CAN 2021/06/04 2021/06/18
1002900 Cory Cogen Mechanical Support Prince Albert, SK, CAN 2021/06/02 2021/06/30
1005574 Rubber Gloves - Apparatus Saskatoon-Biggar, SK, CAN 2021/06/01 2021/06/23
1004706 Estevan Generating Station Shoreline Repair Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/05/27 2021/06/24
1005461 Lines - Switch Base Assembly Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/05/27 2021/06/17
1005465 Lines Disconnect & Loadbreak Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/05/27 2021/06/17
1005377 EB Campbell Hydro Station Removal of Existing GSUT 901T and Installation of New North, SK, CAN 2021/05/26 2021/06/17
1004607 Tisdale Maintenance Hub Construction Northern, SK, CAN 2021/05/17 2021/06/22
1005302 Preston Crossing 138kV Transmission Line Concrete Foundations Saskatoon-Biggar, SK, CAN 2021/05/14 2021/06/15
1003884 P7881 - Supplementary Heating Boundary Dam Power Station - Unit 4 Regina-Moose Mountain, SK, CAN 2021/05/11 2021/06/15
1004311 Coteau Creek Hydro Station Gates and Hoist System Refurbishment Saskatoon-Biggar, SK, CAN 2021/05/04 2021/07/05
There are no open solicitations at this time.
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